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  • Paradoxes of the Time-Challenged

    After wasting time in the morning, you decide you don’t want to waste time. So, you put on your seatbelt while you are turning onto the street from your driveway, tie your shoes or put on makeup when stopped at a traffic light, and return a phone call while driving. You apologize and explain why you were late.  You …Read More »
  • My To-do List

    I don’t see clients on Mondays, but I always have a long list of tasks for my so-called day off. My to-do list yesterday had fifteen items on it. I worked all day long and got one of the listed items done. If I had included on my list all the necessary things I did, …Read More »
  • Mind Like the Ocean

    I recall arriving after midnight in Pacific Grove, California almost 40 years ago, and standing alone beside the Monterey Bay. There was no one else in sight at Lover’s Point Park, and I suspect I was not supposed to be there that time of night…seems I recall seeing a sign. I stood so still and …Read More »

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Mon 19

ADDNashville Support Group

December 19 @ 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


Living Well with ADHD by Terry M. Huff


Living Well with ADHD
Now available for purchase directly from this site - click here!

also available from the ADD Warehouse

"Not since Dr. Edward Hallowell and Dr. John Ratey’s ‘Distraction series have I read such an empowering book on ADHD, and I’m excited about it! Living Well with ADHD is upbeat and informative.

~ Melissa Orlov, marriage consultant to couples impacted by ADHD and award-winning author (


(read more reviews here...)

Research Study

Take part in a research study looking into sleep issues with ADHD children.

Click here for more info!

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