Speaking out about who we are and who we’re not

The first chapter in my book is “Who You Are and Who You’re Not.” We could easily complain about how misunderstood we are, thereby making others responsible, or we can take some action to contribute to better understanding and acceptance of ADHD. I prefer to do the latter. Toward that goal, I had an opportunity to speak at the Brentwood Library last week, and I’m grateful for the turn-out. The set-up was for fifty people. Fifty-one registered and 45 showed up. A number of “ambassadors” from ADDNashville attended…thank you! I’m told that support group members hung around and answered a lot of questions of others who came to hear the talk. About half the attendees bought the book, and I sincerely hope it helps and inspires them. My experiences with ADDNashville – more than anything – inspired me to write Living Well with ADHD, and I’m forever grateful. 

For those who are new to the diagnosis, and to discovering our support group, I invite you to join us in our efforts to support one another, improve our daily functioning, and inform others about ADHD. Check our calendar on this site for the schedule of meetings. We have some professional guests lined up to participate in some future meetings. Sara Skillen, a certified professional organizer, with a special interest in ADHD, will be with us this Monday, April 4. For those of you who are committed to watching the NCAA basketball championship, we will probably forgive you for leaving a few minutes early for the 8 pm tip-off.

There are two more speaking and book-signing opportunities coming up in Nashville: Vanderbilt Barnes & Noble (April 11) and Parnassus Books (May 13). I’m working on opportunities in Athens, GA, Portland, OR, Seattle, WA, and Costa Mesa, CA.

Thanks for your patience with me as I, somewhat reluctantly, promote these activities. I’m not comfortable focusing so much on myself and my work, but I am learning that to to be useful as an author, a book must have readers – and to have readers, authors have to become publicists.





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