Thanks for visiting and for following my blog. Please note that I am no longer providing psychotherapy services but will continue offering support group, blog, workshops and presentations. ADDNashville will resume live meetings July 19 at Brentwood United Methodist Church. We will continue accommodating individuals participating online from other parts of the country. Email notifications will include the Zoom link as before.

The workshop for couples living with ADHD scheduled for April 25th will be rescheduled soon and will be provided online by video conferencing.

Anyone interested can leave a voice message at 615-627-4191, or an email message to

Living Well with ADHD by Terry M. Huff

Living Well with ADHD

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"Not since Dr. Edward Hallowell and Dr. John Ratey’s ‘Distraction series have I read such an empowering book on ADHD, and I’m excited about it! Living Well with ADHD is upbeat and informative.

~ Melissa Orlov, marriage consultant to couples impacted by ADHD and award-winning author (


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Why do you avoid getting started with organizing? Sara Skillen has some answers. 

Organizing and Big Scary Goals Sara Skillen

Sara knows that the clutter is a metaphor for all the "stuff" that obscures clarity of vision...  Amazon reviewer

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