Guidelines for ADDNashville Support Group Participation*

These guidelines are intended to encourage a safe, accepting, and supportive environment. We want everyone to participate. Our 90-minute meeting provides opportunities to practice being mindful of others when speaking and listening, to maintain awareness of time and balanced participation, and to share ideas and strategies for living well with ADHD. 

Awareness of individuals:

Practice listening. 

Avoid interrupting. 

Be mindful of the time and others who want to speak. 

Avoid language that can offend. 

Practice acceptance of differences (gender, cultural, ethnic, personal). 

Do not offer advice unless the speaker is requesting it. 

If your attempt to speak goes unnoticed, make yourself visible as necessary. 


Awareness of the Group: 

Avoid getting lost in long stories. 

Refrain from sharing personal stories and names of participants outside the group. 

Silence electronic devices. You may use them to look up pertinent information. 

Try to arrive on time, but respect that time-blindness is an ADHD feature. 

Be a participant, not a therapist or group manager. 

Allow for occasional silence. 

Avoid divisive speech and political discourse. We all belong in this group. 


Special Considerations for Virtual Meetings: 

Mute when you are not the person speaking. 

Please do not block your video – it is difficult to connect when faces cannot be seen. 

Choose a quiet, confidential location to join the meeting. 

Please post in the chat only when absolutely necessary - it can be a distraction.

Use headphones if possible. 

Have your name in the lower left of your screen (ask Sara or Terry for assistance if needed). 

Check to be sure your device is charged and/or plugged in. 


*The only prerequisite for attendance/participation in the ADDNashville Support Group is a diagnosis of ADD/ADHD.


Support Group Email Reminders

To receive email reminders of our meetings, click here to contact Sara Skillen.
You only need an ADHD diagnosis to attend.

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