Ghosts of Christmas Past

I used to shop on Christmas Eve. I preferred last minute shopping when crowds had subsided and clearance sales had begun. That was before my ADHD diagnosis. I was shopping with my tribe and didn’t know it. Less overwhelmed in a half-empty mall than at home, the inattentives were in no hurry. Christmas Eve shopping was uncomplicated with reduced inventory and less competition with other shoppers. 

The hyperactives were the frenzied shoppers, in and out of stores in a flash. They were singleminded and annoyed at anyone in their way. They risked the lives of other drivers on their way back home. They were more afraid on December 24 of disappointing their spouses than they were on December 23. 

Redundant Christmas melodies played in every store, repeating the “sounding joy.” The music became unbearable, motivating me to stop dawdling and finish shopping.  The power nap in my car in the mall parking lot always restored peace and good will. A phone call from my wife encouraged me to start my car, and I would measure the urgency in her voice when she asked,  “Where are you?” 

4 Responses to Ghosts of Christmas Past

  • As I told our wonderful support group Monday night last, I enjoy shopping on xmas eve day. But, that morning my son, visiting from Brooklyn with wife and child, received word that an old Nashville friend whom he visited last Sat when they first arrived had come down with the OMICRON and may have given it to my son. So we began our quarantine, and that meant NO SHOPPING for me. Thus reinforcing the advice of the normotensive to : Shop early and avoid the rush.

    Well, let me say that I dug around in my stuff and came up with presents for all: things of sentimental value to me that I had saved for, what? Well, just such an occasion…..

    • Thanks for inspiring this blog, reminding me of my old habit. I shopped early this time, but forgot to finish wrapping until the dawn of Christmas morning. I got it done before my wife woke up! A close call is still a success story…right?

  • always lovely Terry!

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