The News of Not Misplacing

Great news! I noticed that my rinsed coffee cup was in the dishwasher last Tuesday evening (see previous blog). I asked my wife if she had found it. She not only admitted to “stealing” my coffee, she apologized! She told me that she was driving to work Tuesday morning and took a sip of her coffee. She noticed that it had no cream and realized she had picked up my cup.

Sometimes, I’m not the inattentive one. It feels better than good to be on the receiving end of an apology! 

One Response to The News of Not Misplacing

  • Terry,
    you are so lucky to have a wife that gets up earlier than you,
    that drinks a spot of coffee on the way, also,
    that is so forgiving to herself and you,
    why, it’s enough to make an old
    pal like me almost blue,
    but what’s the use,
    everything will
    still run true.

    howard m romaine

    ps share at your discretion

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