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Three years after the publication of Living Well with ADHD, I am still a little shy about promoting it. With some distance now from its launch in 2016, I am trying to be more comfortable highlighting its value to readers. I want to tell you why and where you should consider purchasing it. 

Many readers have told me that Living Well helped them accept their neurological difference, change their outlook, and achieve important personal goals. Some have said they have more confidence after reading it. I’m pleased that it has been useful and I’m grateful for the comments, but confidence is not a gift bestowed by an author or therapist. It comes from within, an effect of knowing your strengths and challenges and embracing both. It is an outcome of your willingness to be who you are with no apologies. You are one of seven billion people in the world, and still there is no one else like you; no one with your DNA, your history, and your life experience.

If you have ADHD, or care about someone with the disorder, here is why you may want to read Living Well with ADHD. It is not another book about changing yourself. It is about accepting yourself as you are so you can do some good with the tool that you were given. The very notion that you must change your brain disrespects the part of your anatomy that makes you uniquely you. It is important that individuals living with ADHD understand this. All of us, regardless of neurological differences, belong in this world and have a right to define our purpose. I’m less interested in brain-change than brain-acceptance. Using one’s brain effectively involves more than thinking about it, although it is both subject and object…we think about it with it. There is no other organ like it. It is a way we identify our selves. 

Don’t misunderstand; sensible brain care is good for everyone, regardless of whether you were born with this difference. All of us should give mindful attention to eating healthy foods, exercising, getting adequate sleep, meditating, and refraining from abusing alcohol, sitting for hours without breaks, and worrying incessantly. A healthy brain, and wise maintenance of it, allows us to use our tool productively and achieve something of value with our lives. I read those books on brain care and find them useful; I just don’t write them. 

I am drawn to spirited, creative, and resourceful people with ADHD, and I’m committed to being useful to them. I wrote my book over a two-year period while working full time. It was a serious commitment of time and effort in the interest of enhancing lives. When readers pay for a book, they are contributing a small amount relative to the author’s labor of love. 

You can purchase Living Well with ADHD online or at bookstores. If you wish to support the ongoing efforts of the author, consider buying it directly from me through my website (terrymhuff.com), or from the ADD Warehouse (addwarehouse.com). My publisher, Specialty Press, Inc, is part of the ADD Warehouse family. I am grateful to Dr. Harvey Parker for believing in my book and investing in it. Supporting authors and publishers of books on ADHD supports the labor of individuals who understand your challenges and want you to live a fulfilling and meaningful life. If you cannot afford the full price, by all means, check it out at your local library, or buy a discounted copy from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

A heartfelt thanks to my readers and support group members who, like me, believe that we all belong and we all benefit from accepting and supporting one another. We don’t live in a vacuum, but in relation to others and to this earth we temporarily inhabit. This coming Labor Day, ADDNashville will celebrate its fourteenth birthday. 

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