Now and Not Now

You may have heard that adults with ADHD live in two time zones, now and not now. It appears that the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic is yet to come. Since it is not as bad now as it will become, according to reliable sources, ADHD adults are at risk for disregarding risks. 

Anticipating the future and preparing for it is not our strength. If we remain unconcerned or mindlessly distracted until the worst is at hand (until not now becomes now) we could be endangering ourselves, our families, and others around us.

Being realistic is not the same as being caught up in mass hysteria. Emotional chaos is more likely when we are trying to avoid or escape uncomfortable feelings. Anxious feelings are compounded by desperate efforts to reduce anxiety. 

I’ve heard from people who believe that fears about the virus are being caused by the media, rather than by the facts that the media are reporting. Fear is not an abnormal reaction to disturbing news. Dissemination of information in the public interest is vitally important. If you read a social media post that worries you, check out its validity through another, more credible source, much like a responsible journalist would do. 

This is not a time to bury your brain in the mindless stimulation of electronic devices. If your spouse tells you that your head is stuck in your anal cavity, listen with an open and flexible mind. Your partner’s interest may be in saving your life and protecting your family. This is a time to be a partner with your spouse and make sound decisions together. Stay informed, but don’t become immobilized by overdosing on news. The most essential news will be repeated. 

Make time in your day to pause and center your attention in the present moment. Be mindful of where you’re directing your attention. Be quietlly attuned to what is going on inside you and around you. If you feel anxious discomfort, notice it without judgment and let it be. Consider your feelings as messages, telling you to pay attention to something.

Wisdom can be found in silence. Take time to pause, pray, and quietly contemplate the common thread that weaves us together in universal experience. 

May you be safe and healthy as possible, and may all of us treat one another like family. Our differences matter far less than what we face together. We need each other.

5 Responses to Now and Not Now

  • Terry,
    Meaningful post. Thanks for imparting your wisdom for ADHDers and their families. May all stay safe and healthy.

  • Thank you Terry! Of all the closings, the cancellation of our ADHD meeting was the most upsetting to me. Thank you again. Your words of understanding are a great comfort to me. Stay healthy!

    • Our next meeting is likely to be on Zoom. Stay tuned. If we can pull it off, we will send out instructions for how to sign in. Be safe.

  • Thank you, Terry, for this thoughtful and helpful post. Peace and health to all and remember to find some joy!

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