Two Brains Can Be Better Than One

Prisoners of the present are good in a crisis…right? Well, perhaps not always, not in all circumstances. The coronavirus pandemic is not a momentary event. It calls for conceptualizing the future, planning, maintaining steady effort over time, and dealing skillfully with emotions. Those are not strengths of most adults with ADHD. 

So, what do you do when your ADHD symptoms could jeopardize your life and the lives of others? I think the answer is complementarity. You can team up with brains that are different from yours, ones that complement your imaginative, unconventional, resourceful brain. 

To be a mindful partner, you will need to listen to others with an open and flexible mind, and speak succinctly with respect for the listener. You can experience the joy and benefits of diverse brains working together. 

Rather than envy how the brains of others work, or think that yours works better than others, respect how different brains work, and how productive they can be when they work collectively. Lending your brain to the Big Mind of collaborative effort is powerful. 

Maybe you know this already. If my solution is a no-brainer, forgive me! 

One Response to Two Brains Can Be Better Than One

  • Terry, your posts are always “right on time.” I just told Sheila the other day I feel sorry for people who DON’T HAVE A SHEILA. Because her brain works so much different than mine, we are able to accomplish things that – if we were more alike we could not. Plus, without Sheila we could not do what we do. I would be spinning in circles, or coming up with great ideas that never got off the ground, because I discovered some other great idea that grabbed my attention. ❤️
    Thank you for what you do!!
    Connie Williams

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